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Hi. lunacy here. I had a blog for awhile now, where I basically just recced and bookmarked sites publically, just because I come across some useful things and I want to be able to access the addresses without having to be at my home computer.

Now, it was at pitas.com for all this time, and there's really no reason to move it to livejournal, but it occurred to me that (one of my many insane ideas), maybe people want to share links, and possibly have a weblog community where people share useful links (not -too- useful-- it's not like this is a reference book... just anything that might be interesting).

My interests are graphics, innovative web-design, literature, fanfiction, slash, art (fantasy, modern, computer-generated, anything goes), cool shops that sell artsy things, so this is mostly an art blog community. But, I didn't want to call it "artsurf" or something, just because I may want to link things only vaguely related to art, and didn't want to limit myself or anyone else.

So um. Join. Share. Let linkage of the web intertwine, grow, prosper, and multiply.