better not touch (yourpoison) wrote in surfworthy,
better not touch

xydexx has a website, exploring & modern ruins, which calls itself `a directory of abandoned places'. it has pictures of soon-to-be-torn-down homes, a modern ghost-town in pennsylvania, king's college (also torn down), etc. well, this is an obsession, and while there isn't nearly enough stuff, there is some fascinating fodder for the enthusiast.

also, there's forgotten ny: the infrastructure of a lost metropolis, which is much more extensive and detailed, with sections on lost streets, abandoned houses, cemeteries, alleys, subways, etc. the webmaster apparently also gives tours every year or so.

and jasminetoad (jasmine becket-griffith) has a fantasy art website at, full of stylized fairy girls, gothy themes and strange creatures. there are also prints for sale.
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